Softball Silhouette Ornament Personalized Female Style #2

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Please enter the Name, Number, Year or any combination you want. If you are ordering more than one, enter the first ornament information, click add to cart and repeat for the next ornament. Thank you.

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Hey everyone! I am so excited to be selling my custom designed and personalized Softball Christmas Ornaments this year. I have so many different designs available where You can personalize this with a name, number and year or any combination of your choice. These make an amazing addition to your tree, or can even be used as stocking tags! I am a small local business and would love to create some of these beautiful custom ornaments for you and your family. Don’t forget about neighbor gifts!

Price is for one personalized Softball ornament. If you need more than one, fill out the info, click add to cart and repeat for the next one.

A string is provided in your order but will not be tied to the ornament to save processing time.

***Please note, these are Laser Engraved which uses a c02 laser to BURN through the wood. Your ornament will smell like “camp fire” and will eventually fizzle out. Some scorching on the back side is normal as the laser is burning and can cause some flare up that may leave a scorch burn on the rear side. ***


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